ArmorsEquipmentWorn Ruffian Leather Vest of HealthGolden Phoenix Armor of Melee DamageUsed Bearskin Doublet of ManaGolden Phoenix Armor of HealthThin Cloth Jerkin of Magical DamageShort Sleeved Leather TunicBootsEquipmentAged Green Stomper Boots of DodgeUsed Hard Spiked Boots of AccuracyAged Wolf Pelt Lined Boots of SpeedAged Rough Hide Boots of StunAged Rabbit Lined Boots of Magical DamageUsed Rabbit Lined Boots of Magical DamageElixirsSnail JuiceMolasses TinctureCold Pressed NightshadeHoly WaterRadiant GoldMoonbow CondensationExtract of FernFoodsHog's HeadElderberry CordialCurdish MilkSalmon FilletQuailSmall Hard PumpkinsSmall Gourd of WaterGauntletsEquipmentBlue Falcon Gauntlets of Melee DamageWorn Thick Padded Gloves of SpeedAged Roughened Leather Gloves of StunAged Troll Hide Gloves of AccuracyWorn Troll Hide Gloves of HealthWorn Thick Padded Gloves of Magical Damage