Armors Equipment Worn Ruffian Leather Vest of Health Golden Phoenix Armor of Melee Damage Used Bearskin Doublet of Mana Golden Phoenix Armor of Health Thin Cloth Jerkin of Magical Damage Short Sleeved Leather Tunic Boots Equipment Aged Green Stomper Boots of Dodge Used Hard Spiked Boots of Accuracy Aged Wolf Pelt Lined Boots of Speed Aged Rough Hide Boots of Stun Aged Rabbit Lined Boots of Magical Damage Used Rabbit Lined Boots of Magical Damage Elixirs Snail Juice Molasses Tincture Cold Pressed Nightshade Holy Water Radiant Gold Moonbow Condensation Extract of Fern Foods Hog's Head Elderberry Cordial Curdish Milk Salmon Fillet Quail Small Hard Pumpkins Small Gourd of Water Gauntlets Equipment Blue Falcon Gauntlets of Melee Damage Worn Thick Padded Gloves of Speed Aged Roughened Leather Gloves of Stun Aged Troll Hide Gloves of Accuracy Worn Troll Hide Gloves of Health Worn Thick Padded Gloves of Magical Damage