Ah, just the warrior I was pondering about. There's been something on my mind, apart from my dark thoughts.

I wonder if you could help me with it.

I had a friend named Hurdon. Hurdon was somewhat of an amateur but enthusiastic explorer.

A few years ago he announced he was looking for a lost treasure in the Goblin Caves.

He never came back. We found some remains and had a ceremony of sorts but we never found his skull.

I think it's still in the cave. If you could find it, we could have a proper burial.

Hurdon was always one for the wine, and he did say that he was eager to try goblin wine.

Perhaps you would find his poor skull near a wine barrel. Your heroism is almost enough to put a smile upon my face. Almost.

Hurdon is that you? Well, he was always the quiet type. On behalf of his family, I thank you.

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