This is indeed no ordinary gem; there is a message contained within it. I, however lack the skillcraft to unlock its secret depths. Only the powerful Seer could decipher this, but she lives in a dangerous marsh inhabitated by extremely vicious plantlife. As you are aware there has been bad blood between the Dandelion King and my people. I forsee that you will require the help of his subjects to pass through the marsh unharmed. Perhaps you can heal the wound between our two kingdoms of the earth, and simultaneously aid your goal of deciphering the gem. Please deliver this bag of rich minerals to the Dandelion King with my wishes for a more prosperous future amongst our peoples. Hopefully the King will be equally gracious and will reciprocate accordingly.

So this is from King Thargen? It is precious indeed, and may have come just in time to save some of my weakest subjects.

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