• Quest Giver:
  • Prerequisite:
    • This quest unlocks when you reach level 33.
  • Description:

Namir the innkeeper has requested a love potion. Unfortunately this potion requires a trip to the Royal Maze and the elusive Slipshard known as the Mistmarsh. I will need the following ingredients for this potion: seven dark sparks and seven shadow pearls from the dark wisps that live in the Mistmarsh and then five small bird skeletons from the root hags that live in the Garden Maze. Namir is a kind and a lonely man, I am pleased he is taking steps to find someone. I know it cannot have been easy to gain these ingredients, but then again the saying is 'love hurts'. Here is the potion. Take it to Namir and he will reward you fo your efforts.

Thank you, <insert player name here>. It is time that I open myself up to the possibility of love.

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