Why hello <insert player name here>! I was just hoping that you'd enter my store, and here you are! I wonder if you would do me a huge and brave favor? You know my twin Josablena who owns the Rockybottom Tavern? Well, it's our birthday coming up and I want to get her a special present. I'd love to give her some moon opals that she could make into a necklace. I would be something pretty and glowing in the dark world we live in. The problem is that the squalers who live in the Yellow Mine of Bravery love moon opals too! Still, if you could face them and get five moon opals for me, it would really make her birthday a special one! I knew I could count on you, <insert player name here>. It's not many that could face those squalers and the other horrors of the Yellow Mine and live to tell the tale of it! Thank you <insert player name here>, she'll be so pleased! As happy as I'll be if she doesn't get me that disgusting caviar, man, I hate that stuff!

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