Remember the scroll you recovered for me that the goblins stole? It came from Oomlis, the city of skillcraft and enchantment. It's a blessing to strengthen our soldiers when they must fight against the undead... As soon, I fear, they will. I will need certain ingredients from different animals to complete the blessing and deliver it to the Captain of the Guard in Vost Fortress. Will you be prepared to collect the parts I need and deliver it? I will need eight cracked black bear claws, four snotty nose hairs from the ogres, and three scraps of shells from the scorpions. Thank you for procuring the animal parts I needed. I can now complete the spell. I need you to deliver this blessing scroll to the Captain of the Guard in Vost Fortress. If he reads this blessing over his men they will have more strength battling the undead.

Excellent, this will help us greatly in the battle ahead.

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