So I have heard many good things of you. Perhaps you would also help me? As you know we dwarfs are skilled crafters and smiths but you may not know that we are also excellent stoneworkers. And extremely modest too. I have a yearning to carve something good and true but have none of my favored material, gritstone. If you would be prepared to enter the mines and do battle with the Rock Wraiths, I would be extremely grateful for nine gritstone chunks. There's none but you who would face such horrors, but I have a feeling you possess the courage needed. I am grateful indeed. Be careful when battling those creatures though. They may look ponderous but they're deadly opponents. I am not a dwarf of many words, but with the ones I have I tell you that I am grateful. It is not often I am compelled to carve. Perhaps the object could even aid you with some later purpose.

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