It's true, the Vizier ordered that the Queen's body be destroyed rather than lie in state. His orders were defied though. I can tell you where the Queen's body now lies and who'll you have to deal with to get to it but that information will cost you. You'll have to battle the Vermit Clan zombie children. The Vermit Clan was entombed on the top floor of the Catacombs and the ‘children’ are the worst. Don't be decieved by their appearance. They may have once been kids but they're monsters now, and there's nothing they like better than devouring someone. If you could take out ten Vermit Zombie Boys and ten Vermit Zombie Girls, I'll tell you what you need to know. Those zombie kids are vicious. Be careful. Twenty less zombies means you just made my life a little better. You've kept your part of the bargain so now I'll keep mine. The Sorceress Neeli will know how to get to the Queen's body. Right now Neeli is involved in a darkness ritual. I will keep my part of the bargain and as soon as you can see her I will send for you and tell you what gift to bring to appease her.

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