• Quest Giver:
  • Prerequisite:
    • This quest unlocks when you reach level 35.
  • Description:

You're the warrior who courageously walks through the catacombs? You're just the person I've been looking for! Know you of the Ballan family, who were entombed there but now are zombies? I am descended from that lineage myself. For the longest time I have been in a need of a special lining. Not to use it, as I'm sure it will be rotten and mildewed, but to stufy the craft of it and create it for my own designs. If you could get me ten scraps of the lining I seek, I would be most appreciative. From the tales I've heard they were a pretty unpleasant family and I'm sure they make ferocious zombies too. I cannot thank you enough for this. Now I will be able to study this lining to my heart's content and hopefully make my own as good if not better.

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