The ogres have been acting very strangely recently. Instead of just being murderous, they've become murderous and well-organized. I sent my best spy Fileon, the Half Elf Ranger, up the Mountain Pass to report on their strange behavior two weeks ago and he has yet to return. I need you to discover his whereabouts and, if possible, to help him to return to me. The Mountain Hermit knows all that happens on the mountain. Take this trust stone to him so he will see that he can talk freely with you. You must make haste. If the ogres decide to attack us in an organized manner we are done for. The Mountain Pass is an often treacherous place. I advise you to be on your guard."

Ah, Baron Vost's own trust stone! No doubt he has sent you in search of Fileon. I wonder if he knew what a dangerous mission he has sent you on? Fileon has been turned to stone and is fiercely guarded by two treacherous golems. In order to save Fileon you will have to collect certain elements for me to create a releasing spell.

You have done extraordinarily well. Not only have you saved my best spy but you have shed light on Lord Ance's villainous war plans. Is it fortunate that you merely encountered the Shadow of Septaphrus. We can only hope that his flesh form shall not breach the Overlands. You are a worthy warrior and I trust you will aid us on future missions.

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