• Quest Giver:
  • Prerequisite:
    • It seems that this quest unlocks when you become level 27.
  • Description:

So, you're <insert player name here> are you? I've heard tell of your bravery. Some say your deeds are even equal to Dwarven ones? Time will tell. Perhaps if you could do me a service I would be able to agree with the rumors. Are you brave enough to fight the demonic gorphdes? That lurk in the three mines below, and gather nine jagged back spikes from them, for me? Those spikes make excellent weapon blades and I have a strange premonition we may soon need the best weapons we possess. Ha! It would seem that you are a brave one! Not many would face those sightless, slimy nightmares so willingly. Well <insert player name here>, it would seem that the rumors are true. It's a rare one that would face those gorphdes and be able to bring back those spikes. I am sure that you have done us all a considerable service. I shall not forget it, I promise.

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