You have already defeated the Darkness Demon in its first incarnation in the Green Mine of Loyalty but now you must summon, trap and defeat its second in the Yellow Mine of Bravery. You must obtain nine golden nuggets won from the rock wraiths and then find the golden chest that will be there. Place the nuggets in a circle around the chest. This will summon the Demon to you. This chest will open and an ancient magic will be released trapping the Demon in its second chosen monstrous form, which you must defeat. The Darkness Demon will become harder to kill now that it's down to the second incarnation. Be wary and fight well.

As you approach the chest, it emanates a strange golden light as the feeling of evil grows stronger.

You place the nine golden nuggets around the chest. It creaks open, sending out a fine spray of golden dust which coils and spreads around a cold, dark form.

Once again, you have defeated the Darkness Demon in its second incarnation! You have done extraordinarily well. Now, the third and hardest battle remains for you.

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