So you wish to resurrect the Queen? Ha! You didn't know I knew she was alive did you? Well, doing so would only serve to infuriate the Vizier and complicate his plans. I will therefore help you to do so. You should know though, that eventually I intend for my beautiful son Velis to take the throne of J'hahenstar. But for now I will help sow the seeds of dissent. Know then that I had the sleeping Queen put in a secret chamber which lies hidden behind the Blood Pit. It is where Lord Ance thrust the bodies of his innocent children that he had slaughtered. You, as a human, will instantly die if you try to climb down into it. You must find Dorgon in the Burning Desert who will tell you what you need to do to safely descend into the Blood Pit. I envy you, being able to experience sunlight, but soon, soon my soon and I will rise again.

Ah so you come to me again for aid? The bones prophesized as much. I will give you aid.

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