The Vizier grows ever more suspicious of our cause. Even now he is concoting a powerful dream spell to see into the Khalarants dreams and seek out the loyalists. I am preparing a concealment potion which, when taken, will block out his prying eyes. The spell is a powerful one though and will require serious ingredients. To get the ingredients you need you will have to fight some terrible monsters, each of which dwell in different Slipshards. You will have to get a pair of night sky claws from The Shadow Bear, five stormshade baubles from The Shade Sisters and the gleaming black jawbones of the Warriors of Bone. Once you have these ingredients take them to Dulcia. She'll be able to mix a special potion and give it to those who fight for our cause. You'll be facing these fearsome beasts in their own territories, so be wary.

I thank you. Once the loyalists take this potion, their dreams will not expose them and their identities will not be revealed.

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