This quest will unlock your third Blood Pit Challenge. For some time I have been bored with my apparel. This dress has worn a little thin after a few decades. While it is true that I could conjure up new dress, I think it would be far more amusing to cause a little mayhem and destruction in the process. I want nineteen moldering silk scraps from the Catacomb women. Not only will that give me enough material to make a new dress but will cut down on the Catacomb women who annoy me with their bad manners. I have no problem with the Catacomb women's mutilation and slaughter but they don't even attempt to make conversation while doing so! Not acceptable. Ah, excellent. Now, with a little sewing, I can discard this old rag, with another more rags. Each time I wear it, I'll think of you, and the destroyed zombies. I'm already smiling on the inside.

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