1 2 3 4
A Emptytile Emptytile
B Emptytile Something tile 4waytile Emptytile
C Emptytile Left3way Up
D Emptytile

A2: Graveyard

A3: Mountain Pass

B1: Prindle Forest

B2: Polieana (NPC), Candlewick Inn (Shop)

B3: Bard (NPC), Tailor Store (Shop), Barber Shoppe (Shop)

B4: Goblin Woods

C1: Prindle Forest

C2: Bresnik's Arsenal, The Drunken Lute, Yakennen (NPC)

C3: Boat to Jhahenstar (members or tickets only)  Khalarant Guard (NPC)

D2: Clerics Adobe


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