• Quest Giver


      • Description:

Strange Whisper: "As the key turns in the lock you are a strange unholy laughter: Read the Scroll of Incantation"

Miros: "*User name*! I have great fear for you. If you descend into the Shadowlands I will not be able to protect you. This is the Shadow Lord's realm and He and all His fiends long to pull you into his demonic clutches of darkness and despair. Think again before you choose to go!"

Scroll of Incantations: "Darker than night, Burning not bright. Giving warmth but no light, Placed on the altar a door appears on the right."

Scroll of Incantations: "As you place the darkness ember on the altar its dark radiance reveals a hellish portal to the east."

    • Rewards: 30 Gold, a door to the right magically appears. leading to the Shadowlands

Scroll of Incantations: "Suddenly your pockets fill with gold, demonic laughter still ringing in your ears."

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