To become a Rank One Shadowbeast Slayer you must defeat Alatherak the Sand Demon. Bring my brother Kakil his Heart of Dust. He will then help you to further your quest on becoming a Rank Eight Shadowbeast Slayer. Alatherak the Sand Demon is as ancient as the dust itself. He has no water within him and possesses no emotions other than fiery rage and dry hatred. Go and let light prevail.

There the Sand Demon, Alatherak, waits for you. His very breath made from one thousand grains of sand stings your face. His eye burn with the cold heat of eternal flame. He is bent only upon your destruction.

Victory! You are now a Rank One Shadowbeast Slayer.

I see that you have triumphed and now bring Alatherak's Heart of Dust. You are a Rank One Shadowbeast Slayer.

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