Brave warrior, my spies have informed me that Lord Ance has aligned himself with the goblins in order to destroy us.

He has given them a malignant charm of great power.

Already the Goblin Wizard Lezurk has used it on little moss spiders and has grown them to an enormous size.

He is training them to attack and kill the people of Edgewood.

You must go to Lezurk's grotto within Goblin Woods and destroy his monsters.

Return to me when you have done so.

Lezurk is a fiendish wizard and his monsters will be nigthmarish, but you are the only one I trust

with the lives of my people.

Humanscum pain to come.

No one hear to thy plea.

Squirming Maggots eat thy heart.

Worm food soon to be.

Once again you have triumphed and saved the lives of all those who surround you.

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