• Quest Giver:
  • Prerequisite:
    • This quest unlocks when you reach level 31.
  • Description:

Reek in here, don't it? That's because the beast's cages need fresh, clean wood chips. Word is that you have ways and means to get into the Garden Maze, although the Vizier would have your scalp if he knew! Of course if you was happening to visit there, and you happen to get seven pouches of wood chips from the lxi, there's some that might be so grateful as to reward you, wink, wink. I'm not saying anything, but some people should watch their backs when taking on the lxi, since lxi don't have the easiest of nature, it doesn't. Ah! Knew you'd had the ways and means. I thank you, and do the animals and everyone else within a nose worth of radius.

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