We who exist in the catacombs are surrounded by death and decay. There is no new life down here. All of us long for even a plant. Defeat the Gremblai King that waits for you in the Blood Pit and bring the Sorceress Neeli his soul, the Growing Rose. After a precious gift, Neeli will have no choice but to help you in your quest. The Gremblai King will not part with the Growing Rose without a fight to the death. Go and may light prevail.

The Blood Pit is rich with the thick, rank, dank stink of wet compost. The Gremblai King, huge, thorny and twisted, towers above you, ready to crack your spine as easily as breaking a twig.

Victory! You are now a Rank Two Shadowbeast Slayer.

So you bring me the one thing I cannot create or magic into being, a true Growing Rose. You are now a Second Ranked Shadow Slayer and custom forces me to unlock the third quest for you upon your journey.

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