Only the sorceress Neeli will be able to tell you where the Queen's body is and how to get to it. You will have to appeasse Neeli though, if she is to help you. You must get ten candles from the Vermit Catacomb Clan, ten rolls of cloth from the Ballan Catacomb Clan and ten grinding stones from the Kolios Catacomb Clan. The Vermit family is entombed on the first level, the Ballans on the second and the Kolios on the third. Once you have those items seek Neeli on the lower level in the throne room. After you present her with a gift, she will help you to get to the Queen's body, though why you want to see a dead queen is beyond me! Gaining the zombies goods will be strenuous but Neeli will only be appeased by those sickening presents. Once you have the items go straight to Neeli and present them to her. You should be able to find her on the second sub level of the Royal Catacombs. Good luck, you're going to need it. I hope you have the decent manners to have brought me a present before you hope to gain an audience with me. Otherwise I may well turn you into a rodent.

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