Ringmail Leather WestRingmail Leather West7Armor111 Gold56 Gold+16
Gusseted WestGusseted West11Armor402 Gold201 Gold+36
Ruffian Leather WestRuffian Leather West15Armor974 Gold487 Gold+78
Bearskin DoubletBearskin Doublet19Armor1922 Gold961 Gold+173
Short Sleeved Leather Tunic1Short Sleeved Leather Tunic23Armor3341 Gold1671 Gold+383
J'hahenstar Battle JerkinJ'hahenstar Battle Jerkin27Armor5327 Gold2664 Gold+845
Light Leather JerkinLight Leather Jerkin31Armor7974 Gold3987 Gold+1865
Dense Leather JerkinDense Leather Jerkin35Armor11377 Gold5689 Gold+4119


Basic Leather Boots6Boots28 Gold14 Gold+5
Green Stomper Boots10Boots122 Gold61 Gold+12
Wolf Pelt Lined Boots14Boots320 Gold160 Gold+26
Bronzed Boots18Boots658 Gold329 Gold+57
Tarnished Boots22Boots1175 Gold588 Gold+125
Rabbit Lined Boots26Boots1909 Gold955 Gold+277
Bronze Buckled Boots30Boots2898 Gold1449 Gold+612
Rough Hide Boots34Boots4180 Gold2090 Gold+1351
Hard Spiked Boots38Boots5793 Gold2984 Gold+2984


Salt Stiffened Leather Gloves5Gauntlets16 Gold8 Gold+4
Uncured Leather Gloves9Gauntlets91 Gold46 Gold+10
Troll Hide Gloves13Gauntlets259 Gold130 Gold+21
Roughened Leather Gloves17Gauntlets558 Gold279 Gold+47
Rabid Bat Pelt Gloves21Gauntlets1027 Gold514 Gold+103
Fire Blackened Gloves25Gauntlets1703 Gold852 Gold+227
Heavy Fringed Gloves29Gauntlets2625 Gold1313 Gold+502
Thick Padded Gloves33Gauntlets3830 Gold1915 Gold+1109
Reinforced Leather Gloves37Gauntlets5356 Gold22678 Gold+2448


Charcoal Pants8Pants130 Gold65 Gold+10
Tanned Leggings12Pants412 Gold206 Gold+35
Brown Leggings16Pants937 Gold469 Gold+77
Gray Leggings20Pants1783 Gold892 Gold+169
Rustic Pants24Pants3025 Gold1513 Gold+373
Periwinkle Leggings28Pants4738 Gold2369 Gold+824
Servant's Leggings32Pants7000 Gold3500 Gold+1819
Silent Shifting Leggings38Pants5793 Gold2984 Gold+

More images will come soon! --Panthers Rawr 20:42, November 13, 2010 (UTC)

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