The current level cap is: Level 40

So I've hit the level cap, now what?

And to add to what my good friend Mikros said, you can work on:

1. Build up your gold reserve so you can buy what you want/need in the next update

2. Build up your skill levels

3. Work on your fighting technique to better handle the tougher beasties in the next update

4. Build up your elixir reserve received as drops so you don't have to spend extra gold on them
Referring to number 4, I have about 70 elixirs in stock. I won't need to buy any to use my skills and build them after the next update for a very long time.


**all information was taken from

How do I get skills?

go to Golarth's Store (the place to the left of where you log in. once you leave the bar that is.)

you can buy "Heal 1", "Fireball 1", and "Parry 1". even tho you start out with Fireball 1

Can I get Fighter, Brute, Ranger, or Thief skills?

nope. they've yet to release those classes. As of now you can only get Wizard, Guard, and Cleric skills.

Whats the highest level I can get my skills?

I've yet to finsh typing up these FAQs stuff. --ShadowTale 09:21, 8 June 2009 (UTC)

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