Edgewood Village Warp Ticket2Warp Ticket5 Gold3 GoldWarps you to Edgewood.1 Travel per Ticket.
Vost Fortress Warp Ticket3Warp Ticket8 Gold4 GoldWarps you to Vost Fortress.1 Travel per Ticket.
Goblin Cave Warp Ticket6Warp Ticket32 Gold16 GoldWarps you to Goblin Cave.1 Travel per Ticket
Bandit Lair Warp Ticket9Warp Ticket80 Gold40 GoldWarps you to Bandit Lair.1 Travel per Ticket.
City of J'hahenstar Warp Ticket10Warp Ticket103 Gold52 GoldWarps you to J'hahenstar.1 Travel per Ticket.
Gristmill Warp Ticket12Warp Ticket160 Gold80 GoldWarps you to Gristmill.1 Travel per Ticket.
Silverine Town Warp Ticket15Warp Ticket279 Gold140 GoldWarps you to Silverine Town.1 Travel per Ticket.
Wicker Marsh Warp Ticket17Warp Ticket384 Gold192 GoldWarps you to Wicker Marsh.1 Travel per Ticket.
Temple of Red Flame Warp Ticket25Warp Ticket1065 Gold533 GoldWarps you to Temple of Red Flame.1 Travel per Ticket.
Dwarven Mines Warp Ticket27Warp Ticket1312 Gold656 GoldWarps you to Dwarven Mines.1 Travel per Ticket.
Catacombs Warp Ticket33Warp Ticket2275 Gold1138 GoldWarps you to Catacombs.1 Travel per Ticket.


ImageNameLevelTypePriceSellbackHealth RestoredOver Time
Rabbit Stew7Food11 Gold6 Gold148 Health3 seconds.
Pheasant9Food15 Gold8 Gold219 Health3 seconds.
Nine Grain Loaf10Food18 Gold9 Gold267 Health3 seconds.
Quail11Food20 Gold10 Gold326 Health3 seconds.
Shiny Apple12Food23 Gold12 Gold397 Health3 seconds.
Beef Brisket13Food26 Gold13 Gold485 Health3 seconds.
Raw Coffee Beans14Food29 Gold15 Gold591 Health3 seconds.
Flank Steak15Food32 Gold16 Gold720 Health3 seconds.
Jar of Strawberry Preserves16Food35 Gold18 Gold878 Health3 seconds.
Tuna Steak17Food39 Gold20 Gold1070 Health3 seconds.
Salmon Fillet18Food42 Gold21 Gold1304 Health3 seconds.
Bitter Dates19Food46 Gold23 Gold1590 Health3 seconds.
Basket of Cranberries20Food50 Gold25 Gold1938 Health3 seconds.
Cured Deer Shank22Food59 Gold25 Gold2880 Health3 seconds.
Red Grapes23Food63 Gold32 Gold3511 Health3 seconds.
Small Hard Pumpkins24Food67 Gold34 Gold4280 Health3 seconds.
Wild Figs25Food72 Gold36 Gold5217 Health3 seconds.
Glazed Duck Meat26Food77 Gold39 Gold6360 Health3 seconds.
Ripe Pomegranate27Food82 Gold41 Gold7752 Health3 seconds.
Dried Rosemary28Food87 Gold44 Gold9450 Health3 seconds.
Roast Leg of Ox29Food93 Gold47 Gold11520 Health3 seconds.
Large Tuna30Food98 Gold49 Gold14043 Health3 seconds.
Thin Vegetable Broth31Food104 Gold52 Gold17119 Health3 seconds.
Lightly Toasted Bread32Food110 Gold55 Gold20868 Health3 seconds.
Honeyed Peanuts33Food116 Gold58 Gold25438 Health3 seconds.
Basket of Blueberries34Food122 Gold61 Gold31010 Health3 seconds.
Steaming Chicken Broth35Food128 Gold64 Gold37801 Health3 seconds.
Pineapples36Food135 Gold68 Gold46080 Health3 seconds.
Pumpkin Soup37Food141 Gold71 Gold56172 Health3 seconds.

Images will come soon! --Panthers Rawr 16:45, November 14, 2010 (UTC)

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