"In Silverine everything must be practical for a mining life, but sometimes I find that you need cetain luxuries to keep your spirits up. In Edgewood there's a store kept by a fine looking man, I think his name is Gerdin? Could you take him this message? He'll give you a special perfume bottle for me. Gerdin always keeps some special perfume for me. It has such a wonderful and unusual smell, I wish he would tell me what is in it."

"Ah, I see that little tavern dwarf needs some more perfume eh? Well it might not be so easy as two of the ingredients are missing and I can't possibly get them. If you're willing to help me, I might be able to make the perfume for her. If you can get your hands on a rotted spleen from a Gristmill zombie and three patches of scrapy fur from the forest yeti's I'll be able to fix her some. I wonder if she'd still want the perfume if she knew what went into it? Probably. Silverine dwarfs are fairly hardy. Take this to Josablina, be careful not to drop it though! I don't want to make any more for a while, that stuff smells putrid! "

"Oh how marvelous! It smells heavenly! I can't even imagine the delicate flowers and herbs Gerdin must use to get such a beautiful aroma! "

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