• Quest Giver:
  • Prerequisite:
    • This quest unlocks when you reach level 31.
  • Description:

Greetings to you. Perhaps you would aid me in a little dispute between my fellow guard Agorix and myself? My old man always used to tell tales of a magical place called mirrorwoods, where the great warrior Bellator would rule and terrifying shadow creatures would roam. It might sound farfetched but my old man was no liar! I've heard rumors about your courage and strength and if anyone could find a way into this place it would be you. If you bring back five shadow tusks from the mythical dark hogs and present them to Agorix, he would have to reward you for your efforts. Best of all it would wipe the smirk of his ugly mug! Ha! I knew I could count on you; I can hardly wait to rub those tusks in his face!

Cordus is a liar, a loudmouth and a fool.

Ha, Ha! Now who's a wrong loudmouth?! Agorix pay up!

Fine. Cordus you're not a liar. You're just a loudmouth and a fool.

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