When Kinyanna traded the ruby to us I never dreamed it would bring such bad luck as a pack of rabid wolves, evil visions, and the stink of death... My people refuse to even leave the camp now! If you kill the pack of five rabid wolves outside the camp and bring back their pelts I will gladly give you this cursed ruby!

You must have gypsy blood in your veins! May your path be clear of all evil visions.

    • Vission appears:
    • ??? speaking:

Coming to kill these? There dwells far, far worse evil in the forest than a pack of pitiful wolves.

Soon my Master's hand shall stretch to the furthest part of Kyros.

I would dispatch you as easily as I did these sad creatures, but for now you amuse us.

I see by your face that you, too, have seen the vision. Yet you have the pelts!

I honor your bravery in continuing with the quest, so I shall give you this ruby. Be wary that it not bring misfortune upon you, as well.

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