You will now face serious danger if you wish to release Fileon from his enchantment. Continue upwards to find him. The Shadow of Septaphrus has two immensely strong golems under his control. The will fight you to the death. I wish you luck and fortitude for your battle ahead. If you manage to destroy both the golems you must use the potion on Fileon to release him from his stone bondage.

So you want to save this pathetic half elf, do you? Simpleton! I shall have my golem minions crush your bones to dust. How dare an overland mongrel like you interfere with my war plans?! When you meet me in my flesh form, I will crush you like the pathetic insect you are!!!

'As you fling the potion upon Fileon the statue crumbles.'

You have released me from my stone hell. I owe you a debt that I will never be able to repay. Our worst fears have proven true. Septhaphrus, the Spider King has joined Lord Ance's alliance. He has ensnared the minds of the Ogres and Golems in his dark web magic. We shall have to carefully consider our next move. Come with me to Baron Vost so we can brief him.

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