ImageNameLevelTypePriceSellbackHealth RestoredOver Time
White Grape Juice13Food26 Gold13 Gold485 Health3 seconds.
Elderberry Cordial15Food32 Gold16 Gold720 Health3 seconds.
Chocolate Goat's Milk16Food35 Gold18 Gold878 Health3 seconds.
Flask of Black Tea17Food39 Gold20 Gold1070 Health3 seconds.
Lemonade18Food42 Gold21 Gold1304 Health3 seconds.
Small Gourd of Water19Food46 Gold23 Gold1590 Health3 seconds.
Carrot Juice20Food50 Gold25 Gold1938 Health3 seconds.
Honeyed Ale21Food54 Gold27 Gold2363 Health3 seconds.
Curdish Milk23Food63 Gold32 Gold3511 Health3 seconds.
Pomegranate Juice24Food67 Gold34 Gold4280 Health3 seconds.
Rose Petal Draught25Food72 Gold36 Gold5217 Health3 seconds.
Golden Ale26Food77 Gold39 Gold6360 Health3 seconds.
Unearthly Spirits27Food82 Gold41 Gold7752 Health3 seconds.
Strawberry Nectar28Food87 Gold44 Gold9450 Health3 seconds.
Gnomish Wheat Grass29Food93 Gold47 Gold11520 Health3 seconds.
Lemon Juice30Food98 Gold49 Gold14043 Health3 seconds.
Pumpkin Cider31Food104 Gold52 Gold17119 Health3 seconds.
Raspberry Ale32Food110 Gold55 Gold20868 Health3 seconds.
Mold Leaf Brew33Food116 Gold58 Gold25438 Health3 seconds.
Beet Juice34Food122 Gold61 Gold31010 Health3 seconds.
Foaming Ginger Root Draft35Food128 Gold64 Gold37801 Health3 seconds.
Spring Grass Cider37Food141 Gold71 Gold56172 Health3 seconds.


ImageNameLevelTypePriceSellbackMana RestoredOver Time
Strange Draught1Elixir3 Gold2 Gold54 Mana3 seconds.
Newt Elixir2Elixir5 Gold3 Gold66 Mana3 seconds.
Bubbling Brew3Elixir6 Gold3 Gold80 Mana3 seconds.
Rancid Swampgrass4Elixir7 Gold4 Gold98 Mana3 seconds.
Floral Essence5Elixir8 Gold4 Gold119 Mana3 seconds.
Molasses Tincture6Elixir9 Gold5 Gold145 Mana3 seconds.
Condensed Breath of Swine7Elixir11 Gold6 Gold177 Mana3 seconds.
Oil of Peapod8Elixir13 Gold7 Gold216 Mana3 seconds.
Holy Water9Elixir15 Gold8 Gold263 Mana3 seconds.
Rich Thistlemilk10Elixir18 Gold9 Gold321 Mana3 seconds.
Herbal Brew11Elixir20 Gold10 Gold391 Mana3 seconds.
Aqueous Mercury12Elixir23 Gold12 Gold477 Mana3 seconds.
Triple Filtered Batblood13Elixir26 Gold13 Gold581 Mana3 seconds.
Fresh Squeezed Lizard14Elixir29 Gold15 Gold709 Mana3 seconds.
Moonbow Condensation15Elixir32 Gold16 Gold864 Mana3 seconds.
Curdled Mandrake16Elixir35 Gold18 Gold1053 Mana3 seconds.
Cold Pressed Nightshade17Elixir39 Gold20 Gold1284 Mana3 seconds.
Gold Leaf Emulsion18Elixir42 Gold21 Gold1565 Mana3 seconds.
Starshrimp Brine19Elixir46 Gold23 Gold1908 Mana3 seconds.
Extract of Fern20Elixir50 Gold25 Gold2326 Mana3 seconds.
RMorning Dew21Elixir54 Gold27 Gold2835 Mana3 seconds.
Snail Juice22Elixir59 Gold30 Gold3456 Mana3 seconds.
Milk of Gemstone23Elixir63 Gold32 Gold4213 Mana3 seconds.
Stirred Darkweed24Elixir67 Gold34 Gold5136 Mana3 seconds.
Burnt Essence25Elixir72 Gold36 Gold6260 Mana3 seconds.
Ginger Wine26Elixir77 Gold38 Gold7631 Mana3 seconds.
Gargoyle Droppings27Elixir82 Gold41 Gold9303 Mana3 seconds.
Peppery Tonic28Elixir87 Gold44 Gold11340 Mana3 seconds.
Wraith Essence29Elixir93 Gold47 Gold13824 Mana3 seconds.
Bramble Punch30Elixir98 Gold49 Gold16852 Mana3 seconds.
Elemental Slurry31Elixir104 Gold52 Gold20542 Mana3 seconds.
Distilled Arlis Root32Elixir110 Gold55 Gold25041 Mana3 seconds.
Ambergis Concoction33Elixir116 Gold58 Gold30526 Mana3 seconds.
Stainberry Tincture34Elixir122 Gold61 Gold37211 Mana3 seconds.
Midnight Sap35Elixir128 Gold64 Gold45361 Mana3 seconds.
Rosewater Julep36Elixir135 Gold68 Gold55296 Mana3 seconds.
Tainted Drizzle37Elixir141 Gold71 Gold67407 Mana3 seconds.

Images will come soon!--Panthers Rawr 16:01, November 14, 2010 (UTC)

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