The Dwarven town of Silverine Is home to Hammerlock, Ogfarden, Josablina, Blerd, Doften, Old Forge, and Josablen. Half the residents are within the Rock Bottom Saloon including Doften the weapons merchant. Beyond the Rockbottom is Josablen running the tailor shop and Ogfarden attending the inn. Hammerlock is stationed in front of The Mountaineer Inn keeping a valiant watch.

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1 2 3
A Silverine A1
B Silverine B1 Silverine C2 Silverine B3

A1: Brunbren and Josablen's Store

B1: Glomer and the Rockbottom Saloon

B2: Hammerlock, Megheen and The Mountaineer Inn

B3: Old Forge and the exit to Lonely Mountains

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