Greetings, <insert player name here>, isn't it? There's talk of your courage and kindness, I wonder if you could help me now? Although we love Silverine we do miss the sunshine and all that it brings, especially the flowers. I have taken to making rock gardens with pretty rocks, minerals and even jewels. A little beauty always goes a long way. Recently our morale has been particularly low. I don't know why, but there's an ominous feeling in the air. I think that if I could add something really beautiful like nine blood stones to my rock garden it would do much to cheer us all up. It would be difficult as the blood ticks in the Red Mine of Will guard them so viciously, but if anyone could do it I'm sure it would be you. <Insert player name here>, you are truly as good as they say you are! Be careful though, blood ticks are venomous and the Red Mine of Will houses other equally predatory creatures. In helping to spread beauty you have made our town a better place to live in, and therefore made our lives a little brighter. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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