Thank you for the catapult's materials, they will help us greatly. We now need five weighted stones to try its capacity, but they are too heavy for any mortal to lift! I am sure that the Dandelion King would be able to advise us on how to do so, but the alliance between the plants and the dwarves is shaky at best! However, I think if you bring him this growth mineral, coupled with your good rapport, he will aid you.

So Hemlord wishes to know the secret to lifting the weighted stones? Well since he has sent me this mineral of health and since it is you who asks, I will reveal the secret. In order to lift the stones you must find me three special blades of strength grass. I will need a yellow blade, a green blade and a brown blade. I believe that the grow outside of the Gristmill. Bring me those blades and will help you gain the strength to lift the weighted stones. Good. With these blades I Shall make you a strength potion of the earth. With this potion, you shall be able to lift the weighted stones. Have care though. This potion only works with these stones and will not affect your fighting prowess. It will wear off as the stones leave your person.

True and noble warrior, thank you! With these stones we can test and perfect our catapult. Now we will be able to offer some serious resistance to Lord Ance and his demonic forces.

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