The Slipshards are created from the fragments, dreams and nightmares of Kyros. My people, the Sentinels, are an ancient race brought into being by the Slipshards themselves to rule, watch over and protect them. We have done so for thousands of years. Our very point of existance is now thwarted, for the Vizier tore me from my Slipshard to curse the maze, forcing me to block all pathways to the Queen. There is a vaccum where my shard used to exist, and I must recreate a space of my own. I will need you to make journeys into three of the Slipshards. On each of the journeys you must retrieve the essence of that particular Slipshard and bring it to me. Once all are in my possession, a new Slipshard will be born and I may return to it. The portals to the Slipshards are scattered throughout the Royal Garden. I must first have items from the Slipshard known as Mirrorwoods. I will need ten malevolent red eyes from the dark hogs, ten hare spirits from the night wolves and ten scraps of memory from the blade wraiths. Mirrorwoods is a challenging domain for any fighter. With theses offerings I now have the courage and spirit of Mirrorwoods.

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