Brave warrior, my spies have informed me that Lord Ance has aligned himself with the goblins in order to destroy us.

He has given them a malignant charm of great power. The goblins will use it to raise their dead who lurk deep in the Shadowlands.

Thousands upon thousands of possessed demonic goblins will give untold strength to the Lord Ance's dark army.

This could turn the tide of battle against my soldiers fighting to defend one of our last weapon factories in north.

If Lord Ance takes this he will cut off our main source of weaponry. We will be defenseless against him.

You must journey to Goblin Cave and retrieve the Resurrection Charm from the Goblin King's Royal

Chamber to ensure that this doesn't happen.

The goblins are vicious enemies and if we don't get that Resurrection Charm away from them then we could easily lose this war.

  • Cutscene:

You hear voices coming from the Royal Chamber and quickly hide behind some barrels.

Slerm make King much anger! King napping! But no matter, soon me lovely dead ones be here. Then Goblin army defeat humanscum!

Most grovel for waking Nobleness. Lezurk want meet King, make plan. He want to know where death charm now?

Here in Chamber, safe. Big pet Fifi be guarding. Me think of everything. That why King is King.

  • Cutscene:

The footsteps fade in the distance and you emerge from hiding.

Thanks to you my army is saved from the goblin threat. I'll have the charm nullified so it can do no more harm.

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