NameStatusLevelTypeCostResaleHP restoredover timeMana restoredover time
Stiff Bandit BrewStiff Bandit BrewMember1Food1055410 sec
Bottle of AleBottle of AleFree1Food744510 sec
Jug of wine itemJug of WineFree1Food533610 sec
Hog's Head itemHog's HeadFree1Food533610 sec
Mug of Ale itemMug of AleFree1Food423210 sec
Venison itemVenisonFree1Food423210 sec
Pig Stew itemPig StewFree1Food322710 sec
Grog itemGrogFree1Food111810 sec
Midvintage Cragwine itemMidvintage CragwineMember1Food1377110 sec
Flank Steak itemFlank SteakMember1Food18910810 sec
Small Hard PumpkinsSmall Hard PumpkinsMember1Food371937610 sec

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