Now when you have summoned the Hooded One of Truth you must summon the Hooded One of Tale. You must present this one with ten smooth domed skulls from the marauding creatures known as the Gibblers. Once the Hooded One of Tale has been summoned, both of these entities will be able to exorcise the Blood Pit for you and you will be able to safely cross it. The Gibblers are extremely venomous creatures of darkness, but ten of their skulls will be the only way to summon the Hooded One of Tale.

You have summoned me into this Realm with these domed skulls and you have summoned my Other known as the Hooded One of Truth. The pool now glows with the effervescense of fantasy and myth. We acknowledge your courage and shall exorcise the Blood Pit from some of its evil, enough for you to cross.

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