Lord Ance and his Dark Knights are drawing closer. It is urgent that we tell the Queen that they are on their way, but the only way to get into the Palace is through the Royal Garden Maze as the Vizier's guards are everywhere else. The Vizier has cursed the Maze and in its enchanted state it conceals entrances, exits and the Stone Sentinels who would give you aid. The only way through is with the power of True Sight. True Sight can only be obtained through a potion made up of various parts from the maze monsters and the legendary Root of Oris, which is buried deep within the Maze. You must go to the Garden Maze and get the following ingredients for the potion:five glowing eyes from the rommers and five ruby eyes from the Scricklers. Find the place where the Root of Oris is buried. Defeat the Moss Hog that guards the root and dig it up with your hands. Bring these elements to me and I will create the True Sight potion for you. Out of all those in our resistance, you are the only one courageous and strong enough to fulfill this quest. I wish you well. Go and let light prevail! The Root of Iris and the other ingredients?! Truly you have done well. Now we must turn them into the potion that you will need to aquire True Sight.

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