• Quest Giver:
  • Prerequisite:
    • This quest unlocks when you reach level 31.
  • Description:

I have heard that you have found a way to enter and leave the forbidden Royal Garden Maze? If that's so you're the only person who can help me. My father was a famous politician and was always a forthright speaker. When the Queen's parents were assassinated the Vizier had him arrested as a radical threat and thrown into the Garden Maze to be destroyed by his creatures. Many say there is no hope for him but I feel that my father is still alive. Only you can find him. I do not know what you might face in there, but I believe in you.

Could it be? Is it true? Another human being in this endless miserable madness of a maze? Glory be! Thank heavens you're here. I've done various things to stop the maze monsters from attacking me but I myself am under an enchantment. Only the elusive Sentinels who guards the Slipshards will know how to break such strong magic. You will have to make the dangerous journey to Mirrorwoods to see Bellator the Warrior and find out what will need to be done. You may have to barter with or do some tasks for the Sentinels before they tell you how to break my enchantment. If it gains me my freedom and a chance to one day see my daughter Sophia again I will forever be in your debt.

So you wish to free that old man? I did feel his presence in the maze.

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