So far you have done well but now you face your hardest task for it yet. You will need to battle twenty dark shufflers, twenty five night demons and thirty five gruelers if you are to win the final portion of the key and freedom of Old Phoebes. You are truly brave for accepting such a daunting task, but are you wise? Time will tell. You have proven your worth in this battle. Here is the third and final portion of the key. Now that you have the key, you can return to Old Phoebes and break his enchantment. Once his enchantment is broken he must leave the maze as soon as he can, for the Vizier may well sense something has gone awry.

I cannot believe it! You have done the unimaginable and broken this foul enchantment that has bound me. I will go immediately to the Temple of Red Flame for J'hahenstar is too dangerous for me. I will send word to my most precious daughter Sophia once there. There are no words to express my gratitude and there never will be, but perhaps this jewel, the star of courage, will express some of what I feel.

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