The energies have been aligned once more and the pathway to the Queen is unbarred. However you will have to do battle with the very Spirit of the Maze itself if you wish to find the Queen. You can go back to the maze through the Shadow Gate.

You puny, disgusting pathetic little sniveling human! How DARE you challenge me?! I shall crush your bones to a fine white powder and use your guts for fertilizer! You shall NEVER see the Queen!

With a massive roar the Spirit of the Maze falls to its oblivion.

Ah, a loyalist! Greetings to you and welcome, but quick what news have you for me? I see. This news is grave indeed and only leaves me with one option. I was hoping it would not come to this, but this marriage cannot happen! I have with me this vial of Dragon's tears and moonlight mist. I will drink it, and I will fall into an enchanted slumber which will appear as death. The people will mourn me and my body will be taken to the catacombs, but I can only remain in that enchanted stat for so long. I will surely die unless you are able to rescue me with the antidote. You must go back to the Priest and tell him of my plan. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me. Je-an Jah will also be able to reward you, on my behalf, for your courage and your loyalty to myself and my cause. When we meet again it shall be in the Catacombs.

I can scarcely believe that she would take such risks! While I cannot think of any other alternative I am filled with fear for the Queen. If we lose her all of J'hahenstar will suffer unimaginably. I must create the correct antidote. It will not be easy and there is precious little time.

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