You have taken the potion and gained True Sight, and not a moment to soon, for I have discovered what grave danger our Queen is truly in. The Queen is being kept a prisoner in her own palace and the only way to get to her and tell her of this news is through the Garden Maze. The Vizier has cursed the Maze to hide and defend the Palace's entrance from all who might save her, but now when you have True Sight we still have a chance. Your quest is to travel through the maze again and find the stone angel Aetheris. She is one of the Stone Sentinels. She will speak with you and help you defeat the Vizier's enchantment, so that you may get to the Queen and tell her of the dastardly plan against her. Be wary and heed the words of the Sentinel.

Greetings. I am Aetheris, watcher of the slipshards.

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