Hey, you. I might not hear much, but I hear enough. There's talk of your deeds and noble doings all over Silverine. I wonder if you'd be up for a slighly less noble deed? Less noble, but I'd be grateful. The fact is that these dwarven drinks are filled all sorts of strange acids minerals and salts. I'm not complaining, love the stuff, but it's murder on my flasks. I happen to know that the miners who mined in the Red Mine of Will drank out of steel flasks that could handle the acids and salts, especially in the toxic environment of the Red Mine. If you could get me five steel flasks, yes even with the steel I tend to wear them out, I would be really grateful. Ah, you're brave indeed. It's not everyone who would take on the Red Miners down in those dark and dreadful mines. What do I see glinting so beautifully before me? You definitely are a true and noble hero, may your thirst always be quenched as mine is about to be.

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