ImageNameLevelTypePriceSellbackMelee Damage
Blackiron Long Sword7Sword221 Gold111 Gold+9
Steel Long Sword11Sword803 Gold402 Gold+20
Silver Long Sword15Sword1947 Gold974 Gold+44
Gold Long Sword19Sword3844 Gold1922 Gold+97
Silverine Long Sword23Sword6682 Gold3341 Gold+214
Blackiron Falchion27Sword10653 Gold5327 Gold+473
Steel Falchion31Sword15947 Gold7974 Gold+1044
Bronze Falchion35Sword22753 Gold11377 Gold+2306


Rustic Shield4Shield20 Gold10 Gold+3
Long Wooden Shield8Shield162 Gold81 Gold+5
Round Copper Shield12Shield515 Gold258 Gold+12
Copper Battering Shield16Shield1172 Gold586 Gold+27
Long Copper Shield20Shield2229 Gold1115 Gold+59
Leather Battle Shield24Shield3781 Gold1891 Gold+131
Steel Battering Shield28Shield5923 Gold2962 Gold+288
Elegant Shield32Shield8750 Gold4375 Gold+637
Round Steel Shield36Shield12357 Gold6179 Gold+1406

Images will come soon!--Panthers Rawr 17:16, November 14, 2010 (UTC)

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