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  • Prerequisite:
    • ???
  • Description:

Greetings <insert player name here>. I wished for your help and here you are. I am deeply troubled. We have word that Ance's army has been wielding weapons of great metallurgical power. Greater than he should have access to. I have tried to use my gift of sight to determine the origin of these powerful weapons, but a spell of great darkness thwarts my attempts each time. With your help, and yours alone, I can pull back the shroud of darkness and view the cause of this problem. I will need items from each if the mines, and you will have to battle rabid miners and the evil creatures that dwell there. I'll need seven mining lanters each from from the rabid miners of the Red Mine of Will, Green Mine of Loyalty, and Yellow Mine of Bravery. I know it's a great deal to ask of you but this is most important. <Insert player name here>, I knew your nobility and generous spirit would see us through. I will pray for your safety. Go and let light prevail. These lanterns shed a true light that will dispell the curse of darkness that has thwareted my effort to discover Ance's evil plot.

As Gaithra quietly chants the presence of an unearhtly being fills the room.

Ah, the presence of light at last! Though I was slaughtered by the Demon of Darkness weeks ago, I am glad that my days of rabid mine wandering in search of flesh have ended. Ance has put his dark minion to work in the mines, gathering ore to make weapons for his troops at the front! This Darkness Demon is very strong and will rise up three times in monstrous incarnations. You, <insert player name here>, will have to destroy each carnation if you wish to stop the supply of ore-enhanced weaponry.

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