Normally the soldiers from Vost Fortress patrol Edgewood's borders and keep the goblins at bay.

I should have known that something terrible was happening at Vost Fortress to keep them from protecting us. You are clearly a great warrior. You must go to Vost Fortress and help Baron Vost and his soldiers if you can! You will find it at the northern edge of Prindle Forest.

The front gate of the Fortress is locked, but Romel has arranged to have a thief get you in. She'll be waiting for you there.

Now I could be way off, but something doesn't feel right here. What with the dead soldier, the barred gate, the muffled screams...just a feeling.

I'll be through that window in a heartbeat with my thieving ropes. I have a feeling that whatever we're going to face in there...won't be too pretty. Ready to go in? Great I'll have us through in a moment! This window is smaller than I thought it would be...

Up, over, and through. See how easy? Let's split up and check out what's going on. I'll meet you in the Throne Room! Happy thieving!

They've imprisoned the Baron in the dungeon! You must find the key within the fortress. Hurry, his life is in your hands!

Who dare let this maggot enter? Just kill it, and find me the Eye!

Looking for this ruby, are you boys? Do you mind if I hang on to it? It's just my color.

She has the Eye! Leave the maggot! After her!

The key fits in the lock. "The door swings open."

Help at last?! My cell key was thrown into a pile of bones. Find it, and I can be released!

No, er, a little to the right. Not that skull...yes that one. Thank you for your courage and your tenacity!

I must tend to my wounds and wash this filth from my person. I hope then, you will do me the honor of meeting me in the Throne Room.

I must thank you once again. Vost Fortress would have not been restored without your valiant efforts. You must be tired after your arduous battles. Consider yourself an honored guest at my castle. Please rest!

"As your head hits the feathered pillow, you have a strange dream..."

  • Cutscene appears.

"You wake, the visions still fresh...."

Tired, eh? You slept for a full day!

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